Monday, March 21, 2011

lunareflections from inside a reef ring

lunareflections from inside a reef ring


is everyone on earth feeling this magic or is it just happening over here?

the coral reef is completely exposed around the island right now.

this magestic, proud looking species is poking up out of the water in a ring that circles all the way around us.

i hear my brain going, "ahh.. ok. gotcha. NOW that makes sense."

it's like a secret roadmap has been revealed to me. the answer key popped up to say, 'See? THIS is why we are here.'

It's the lowest tide of the year apparently.

Cahn just told me that the most intense tides (highest and lowest) are during the few days after a full moon.

how symbolic is that?

the moon is so magical to me.
the cycles are always telling and profound for what is happening in life.

first of all - we know that the moon controls the tides.
it's a fact.
and then you think about how we as humans are... what? 80% water?
So i just really think the moon is inevitably going to have a pull on us in one way or another.

"The tides are in our veins...
We still mirror the stars.
Life is your child...
But there is in me,
Older and harder than life...
(and more impartial),
the eye that watched before there was an ocean." - Robinson Jeffers

so ya... i believe on a new moon which is dark... it is all about sitting with your thoughts and setting intentions... and the next two weeks as the moon waxes, those manifestations begin to sprout and take life.
and on the full moon, things are fully brought TO light.

i find it amazing too that i didn't even really realize or think to find out how potent and powerful that full equinox moon was supposed to be until i saw on facebook my super tuned-in friends in venice talking about it.

the moon was actually the closest it has been to the planet in 20 years.

And yet - without even knowing that or talking about it- we were all completely affected by the power of it here on the island. none of us could sleep the night before- everyone tossed and turned and was up and down feeling weird. i sat outside alone after i had been pulled from sleep and actually ended up writing long email replies to a couple people who i found emails from when i was sitting there in the quiet calm of my sleeplessness.
maybe we couldn't sleep because it was somehow our bodies anticipating the full moon energy that was on its way.
the last hump of waxing and growing to its magnificence the next night.
...and then the following night we danced literally ALL night and swam around the island.

celebrating something in the cosmos.
(little did we know the moon was reaching down to us as we lifted our hearts in song and dance to it... and i unknowingly returned the moonstone from my ring - which fell out as i swam in the silky water bathed in the light of that moon.)

...the tides are truly in our veins, my friends.

AND actually, something i started to take note of this morning -
the sea is in our eyes.

Every single guy here coincidentally (or maybe not) - has piercingly blue eyes.
Seriously - Johnny, Cahn, Birdie, Joey, Brent, Ben, Tom, Jye, Larry. Everyone. Eyes like the ocean.

It made me ponder for a second... i mean... maybe there is something inside of us that pulls us to live and exist near the ocean? We are inherently by-the-sea-dwellers...

even further to this idea that we are inherently drawn to the same place - and to one another... we realized this morning over breakfast, that everyone was from the southwest part of their country.

The Perth area is roughly in Australia where the Southern California area is in America - which is where the Cornwall area is in England.
...and check out a map of indonesia... We are pretty much as far west as it gets out here. As we talked about it, we realized that there is a pull to the southwest for all of us.
Maybe it has something to do with the way that "settlers" always seemed to land of the east coast in most countries... and then the "adventurers" - the "freedom seekers" -- the SEEKERS who want to search further, tend to head west -
we're the ones who go as far as we can... and then even further...

children of the sea with the tides running through our veins.

i just see so much symbolism in everything, it's kind of out of control.

i was just sitting telling my friend jackie here that i realized that the moon took her stone back, so i wasn't upset it came out anymore... and maybe i would go to outer-space and return the meteorite and then go to egypt and return the crater rock.

and then i walk out front and start going OH MY GOD - what is all that brown sticking out of the water?
and its because the reef is exposed

it looks like arms wrapping around our island... protecting us and holding us here in the middle...

the waves are breaking so huge right behind where i can see the reef sticking up and then between the ring and the sand where i am sitting, the water is just SO still and crystal clear and shallow... i can walk out for 100 meters and still only be chest deep.

we are just so held. we are so blessed.

before i came out here, i was talking to my new friend joey (he's staying here for a little while i think... he's from the dbora charter boat) we sat sipping our coffee in the driftwood castle chatting about our goals and what we want to receive and manifest for ourselves and i said, "well, shit. why don't we have a manifestival here on the island every full moon?"

-the name "manifestival" was created for the collective shows in LA -- but i feel like we could take it to a new place and have a manifestation festival here on the island where we all just plant seeds and talk about what we want and help each other set goals and even just the power of SAYING things out-loud...
speaking out what we want to make real for ourselves.

Josh and i have been talking about that a lot lately.... Realizing how when we actually verbalize things, they come true! it's insane.
we need to be very careful with what we say, because we are literally creating our realities.

But then my friend joey noted that just by saying things to our friends, then your goal or intention is in THEIR heads too and everyone is collectively helping to manifest your dreams without even really trying.

of course i start thinking that we should write our intentions down and carve them into candles and speak them to one another in a ritualistic fashion... but we could make it as spiritual or as not spiritual as we wanted...
even just hanging out and talking to our friends about our dreams and goals and intentions... i think that we can make absolutely ANYTHING real for ourselves.

and especially under the power of the full moon, which showed its power to us in the last few days...
it infused us...
it made us all LUNAtics for a night...
it took back the moonstone from my ring...
and it birthed this reef for us to see today...
it's blowing my mind.

here is CASE. IN. POINT.

lunatic behavior. it's no accident that you can't spell lunatic without LUNA.

and also something that is blowing my mind are the cloud formations out here.

i forgot how unbelievable the clouds are here.
They are so unique in this part of the world.
There are so many faces and spirits and images that seem to form in the clouds that hang over this island chain.

As crazy as it sounds... i seriously feel guided by the spirits in the clouds here.
It's undeniable.

The clouds are full of faces and gods and goddesses right this second.

okay. i think i have been sufficiently weird here.

close your eyes and see mine.
my pupils are the island and my iris is the ring of water i am wrapped in.

if you look into my eyes you will see i'm alive.

i am very alive.

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