Friday, March 25, 2011


F.O.M.O. = Fear of Missing Out.

i just watched this.
it made my heart hurt.

sooo... remind me why i left this place again?

every person in that room.... i love you.

your crazy-ass gypsy-lady sister (who is currently perched in the middle of the indian ocean chanting at reefs and chasing red dragonflies through the jungle) deeply and truly loves you with all of her heart, soul, and self.

blessings to all of you, my hOMies

i wouldn't be who i am or WHERE i am without you.

i send you love & light every single morning as i sit drinking my coffee...
i look out at the waves and send cosmic messages in imaginary bottles to be carried back to california.... bliss blasts for your beings.

if you haven't felt one from me yet.... it's on it's way. get ready for it.


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