Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The great divide

...I watched my last neon papaya/tangerine orangelic mentawai sunset of the season last night steering the boat as we left the magical archipelago that holds my heart as we headed back to Padang, crossing the divide of deep Indian Ocean water that must be crossed to reach shangri-la on the other side.

The crew called me Captain Jenny Sparrow as I sat up straight and tall keeping the boat on course, following the GPS and the clouds ahead... Then I got bored and let the real Captain take back over and i sat on the ground in the wheelhouse with the rest of the crew... we wrote a song in Indonesian about love.

I love how the Indos sing all the time and virtually 100% of the native population plays guitar.

I get so nostalgic when I think about the last 7 and a half months... The incredible journey.... the island and the amazing Togat Nusa season... the adventures in between my time on pulau paradise surrounded by loving friends, hermit crabs and palm trees- held in the circle of blue as i discovered lessons from the simplest of things- and befriended a monkey.... My time in the various mentawai villages, padang and around west sumatra... Jakarta and Bali excursions... and of course my Thailand goddess time spent circumnavigating the country - and my in-between moments times in Malaysia....

The fact that in two days I will be en route to India blows my mind.

Am I really doing it?

Taking this leap into the dream I've held clutched in my fist for most of my life?

Devon Cottrell Holmes, my Aunt and resident angel on my right shoulder will be accompanying me on this adventure... Guiding me as she always does.

The last few days have been emotional... The moon hung in it's fullness over the glassy water last night after the color had drained from the sky and we crossed the great divide, as we have countless times.
(I would love to see a little dotted line map of everywhere I've been- lines snaking and crossing back and forth, over themselves- wrapping my journeys in a twisted line like braided lock of hair)

Last night... The full moon in Aries. 
My mother, father and I are all second born Aries babies. We are not laserbeams- we're floodlights.
We blaze fully and intensely.
This is OUR full moon.

Even before I learned all about astrology from my gurus Shelley and Jude in Venice Beach, I knew I was an Aries, Leo Rising eventhough I didn't really know what that meant exactly.

I know that I love Leos (I happen to be in a relationship with one right now)... I just love the heat of fire and fire sign people- the urge to GO... To run and explore.

Fire people get it when I tell them I need to travel and go and see and feel and experience.

I wrote a song in the cabin a few days ago- it just sort of poured out of me... I hadn't seen or thought about a caterpillar in a long time but for some reason started singing about one.

The lyrics are:

Staring at a caterpillar
Sleeping on a wall
I can't help but wonder
Why he doesn't fall

See I was once a caterpillar
Before I spread these wings
Yet Somehow I can't recall
The most important things

Like how to get to heaven
Before you die
And how to feel the ground beneath you even as you fly.

I was born a gypsy
Taught to ride the wind
I was born a dancer
And then I learned to sin

See, once you've had a taste of it
Once you have a sip
The crack begins to spider
The whole begins to rip

You'll find there's no heaven
You'll forget there's a he'll
You'll find yourself jut floating around
In this jellyfish hotel


I sang it to the crew up in the wheelhouse on the boat- they told me to sing it in Indonesian so I improvised after looking up the word for caterpillar in indo (which is ulat by the way in case you care)

I think the song might be even better in my funny indo translation.

... later I found myself in Padang and saw a link to a podcast of my brothers and sisters "The Mowgli's" -

I listened to the entire thing with big salty tears at bay, prepared to erupt at hearing the laughter- the story of this group of love beings who came together- I was there.

I remember it all.
I heard a story I knew- a story I lived- and my heart welled up.

We frolick as one- across the universe- lifting one another higher.

I'd be no-one without each person on that podcast.
They are my family and I will love them forever...

And I will smile....
And I'll see you there.

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